Social Responsibility
Code of ethics

​​​In Grupo Carso we constantly work to promote a culture in which employees value and exemplify the values and ethical conduct institutionally established in the Code of Ethics. This document covers topics such as:


· Gender equity, non-discrimination, anti-bribery, transparency of information, respect between colleagues,conflicts of interest.
· Stance against child labor and forced labor. The Policy of Whistleblowing is integrated, which invites anyone to report any misconduct or violations of the Code.
· There is an internal whistleblowing line available 365 days a year.
· There is a mailbox for complaints and suggestions which provides immediate communication with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
· There is an Ethics Committee, which is responsible for monitoring and turning over to the CEO the necessary issues, as well as reviews and updates the content of the Code of Ethics.
· The following Code of Ethics is available through the intranet and corporate website.

Code of ethics