Grupo-Carso-Noticias.png​CARSO GROUP REPORTS​ receives Guinness World Record for the largest number of people registered in​ an educational platform​ aims to promote connectivity, educational and cultural content of quality. This constitutes an important tool to update and use technology for the benefit of learning.

The educational platform of free content received the Guinness record by achieving 2,497 people registered in 8 hours, the highest number joining the tool, at the Telcel-4GLTE Infinitum Digital Village.

The representatives of the Guinness World Records officially certified the achievement of the educational tool and granted the award at the Zocalo of Mexico City, where the Telcel-4GLTE Infinitum Digital Village is located.

Introduced on June 15th, concentrates the most important content promoted by the Carlos Slim Foundation in topics such as training, education, culture and health, through initiatives like: Get Trained for Employment (Capacítate para el Empleo), Master Innovator (Maestro Innovador), TTest (PruebaT), Khan Academy in Spanish, Academica, Coursera, Udacity, MIT and Clikisalud.

Among other content, offers 72 training courses benefiting more than 506,000 students in 147 countries who have taken more than 1 million online courses, showing the global outreach of the platform.

It also offers teachers, students and parents –for free– exercises to strengthen their knowledge in math, science, reading and teaching skills. users can visualize this content from a cell phone and get certified diplomas of official validity. Additionally they can check their progress and have access to job offers.

​​Grupo-Carso-Noticias.png​CARSO GROUP REPORTS

Carlos Slim Foundation supports Education and Health programs in Panama

Mr. Carlos Slim Helu in the company of former U.S. Presid​ent Bill Clinton and philanthropist Frank Giustra traveled to Panama with two purposes: 1) formally start the operation of strategic education projects with the Carlos Slim Foundation and the Ministry of Education of that country, and, 2) review the results of the first stage of the Mesoamerica Health 2015 Initiative. The Carlos Slim Foundation operates in the state of Chiapas in Mexico, in six Central American countries and in Panama, where the activities carried out were in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Government of Spain, and the Inter-American Development Bank.

Carlos Slim Foundation and the Ministry of Education of Panama agreed to work on the following strategies:

The Panamanian government requested to undertake the development of, platform to prepare teachers, students and parents heading for the International Standardized Test of Educational Achievement (PISA), based on the experience that Carlos Slim Foundation had with the government of Colombia in a similar exercise.

Authorities of Panama will begin operations in equipped public spaces and assess the implementation of some of the trades offered as curricula, and of training in technical areas offered by the Carlos Slim Foundation platform called Get trained for Employment. This platform provides free training to people of all ages, with no time limit and no requirement of previous studies, in 58 trades and technical-operational activities of different productive sectors.

The Ministry of Education of Panama will develop a strategy for the systematic use of educational platform in Spanish Khan Academy as a training tool in mathematics aimed at students susceptible to the PISA test in 2018. Through this platform, Carlos Slim Foundation and Khan Academy provide a wide variety of materials with the main objective of the formation of human capital.

Education authorities in Panama will incorporate health professionals in graduate courses like “Chronic Diseases”, “Maternal Health” and “Vaccinology”, offered by the Interactive Platform for Online Health Education (PIEENSO), which also has graduate courses in “Cancer in Women” and “Genomics”. PIEENSO is a component of the models developed by Carlos Slim Foundation for re-engineering the first level of attention of public health services.

Lastly, Salud Mesoamerica 2015, which aims to reduce gaps in health in this region, completed its first phase of operations in Panama, in which 41 health units participated in two indigenous regions: Guna-Yala and Embera-Wounaan, benefiting a population of 5,379 children under 5 years and 8,640 women of childbearing age, achieving 80% of the targets.

Carlos Slim Foundation develops programs that help improve the quality of life of people of all ages, promotes the formation of human capital and creates opportunities that promote the integral development of individuals and their communities.

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Siglo XXI.png
Mexico Siglo XXI Event

September 4, 2015 | 5:18 

The Telmex Foundation annually organizes a great event, with the presence of several personalities whose work contributes in different fields, from the scientific to the sports. This event is part of the comprehensive support provided to the Telmex trainees, which is by itself a watershed in the activities undertaken since the speakers have a high reputation and prestige due to their achievements.

As every year, the meeting of scholars is conducted at the National Auditorium in Mexico City, where Mr. Carlos Slim Domit welcomed the fellows of the Telmex and Carlos Slim Foundation with the words: "We are not living in an era of changes, we are living a change in the era. We have the opportunity and challenge to transform it into a generous era”. Lastly, he invited the young people to transform their dreams into deeds.

One of the personalities who joined us for this event was the renowned journalist Larry King, who said that after having interviewed nearly 60 thousand people and having a track record of 58 years in the media, he loves what he does. "I cannot retire. I love doing what I do", said Larry King.

As each year, Mr. Carlos Slim Helu also gave a speech to the more than 10,000 scholars present at the event, where he highlighted that technology can be a gap or a bridge of access to development, according to the use given to it. He also emphasized the need to use technology to educate, since he considered that “what we need as a country is more economic activity, better academic levels and learning to learn throughout our life”. Moreover, he gave the students invaluable advice: “Let your will be stronger than your weaknesses."

Mr. Evan Spiegel, creator of the social network Snapchat -where photos and videos are shared on a temporary basis-, was also present. During his participation, the CEO of Snapchat answered some questions of the young scholars assuring them that: "you have to wait, there are many failures before achieving success; I tried several applications before reaching Snapshot ".

During the event other guest speakers were present such as Rosa Gumataotao Rios, Al Pacino, Rudolph Giuliani and Michael Phelps. To view the full event, follow us​ 




Carlos Slim Foundation receives the International Recognition Award 2015 for his work on behalf of global health.

The Texas Children's Hospital granted the Carlos Slim Foundation the 2015 Recognition Award during the celebration of its 25th International Colloquium.

This year, "for the first time in the history of the award, the committee selected an institution as the winner: the Carlos Slim Foundation," said Michael T. Walsh Jr., Director of the Global Health Initiative at Texas Children's Hospital. The International Recognition Award was created in 1990 to recognize health professionals whose contributions have transformed global health care, education, research and access to health services, especially in underserved populations.

Among the actions that the Foundation develops and the reason for this recognition, stands out the Slim Initiative for Vaccine Development in Tropical Diseases, launched in 2010 with the purpose of strengthening the capacity of developing and producing vaccines in Mexico.

The Initiative is a consortium of biotechnology comprised by the Carlos Slim Foundation, the Baylor College of Medicine, the Sabin Vaccine Institute, the Center for Research and Advanced Studies (CINVESTAV) and the Autonomous University of Yucatán.

This initiative includes a program to develop the first therapeutic vaccine for humans against Chagas disease, considered as one of the conditions of poverty, as it occurs among the most vulnerable and perpetuates the condition by preventing an adequate school performance and labor. It is estimated that currently about 8 million people in Latin America suffer the disease, of which about 2 million are in Mexico.

The first phase of the research was completed demonstrating in the laboratory that the vaccine is potentially useful to prevent the disease from progressing to a chronic and life-threatening form. Additionally, it will be a great value alternative against the highly toxic drugs used currently. During the next three years, the second phase of the Initiative will continue in which the vaccine is prepared for industrial production.



​​The Carlos Slim Foundation has benefited millions of people through social programs of high impact. Providing access to high-level medical care, equipment and technology, promoting preventive care, professional development and ​training, as well as research and development of solutions aimed at the most significant health problems faced by ​the most vulnerable populations in Mexico and Latin America. With actions in health and education, among others, the Foundation helps people to develop and gain access to a better quality of life.